Giant's Causeway Sunset '55°14'37.1"N 6°30'22.7"W'

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About the Image:

The thing is... Photography is hard and I like a challenge. I love black, the Causeway Stones are basalt, a black rock. To capture these famous rocks and show that hexagonal shape I think is best done when the highlights of the setting sun are cast on the black rocks. This is a challenge in its self as the contrast between the highlights and darks is very hard to get a correct exposure. I waited until the last few seconds of sunset to get it right. That's only half the challenge, the compositions would look very unbalanced as the foreground is so dark and the sky would be so bright. To make up for that and give the final image harmony,  I hung around for a few hrs after sunset to catch the stars and incorporate them into the final image  This print will sit very nice as a centrepiece with another of my other work or own its own any questions please ask me.  

About 'Coordinates°’

'Coordinates°’ is an epic collection of vistas set around the North Coast all images are titled with the precise longitude and latitude from where it was taken. If you type the coordinate number into google you will get directions which will allow you to go and see the location for yourself. My background is as a printmaker so instead of using one static shot of an image or limiting myself to one exposure, I use multiple images taken over sometimes 5hrs of the same scene and combine these images to create the magical compositions you see today.

People respond to the magical and creative nature of this work, the stars, the sea, the use of colour and composition.

Image complement by:

The work has been cleverly designed to ensure all pieces share the same horizon. This allows you to purchase a selection of pieces that will synchronise and begin
to complement each other. 


Prints are carefully mounted in a simple black or white frame, that will protect your print for years to come, is easy to hang and look great in sets of 3.


All of my work is printed on Fujifilm professional pearl 320gsm and has a smooth surface structure with unique pearl-coating. This natural white paper - is free of OBA's and reminds me of a natural white baryta paper.


Prints will be rolled in a heavy tube and posted via royal mail 24hr tracked.
Frames can be delivered in person in Northern Ireland (for free) or Posted the rest UK, US & EU options are provided in check out, select the postage relevant to you, any questions just click the chat to us button and it comes straight to my phone.